No One Understands the Dynamics of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment of Executives More than Julie Zuckerberg of Deutsche Bank

Julie Zuckerberg is an expert and high-profile recruiter working for Deutsche Bank as the Head of Executive Recruitment Lead and Talent Acquisition. Immediately after college studies at Brooklyn College, which is part of The University of New York, from where she earned a degree in Philosophy, and a remarkable honors degree in Law from New York Law School, she became a director in the Department of candidate placement for Hudson. Her vast experience, passion, and tenacious spirit as a lead recruiter and talent scout have significantly contributed to her success. Julie is a lady at home in any high-level management role. She has a flair for completely immersing herself in all responsibilities entrusted to her and an acute sense for efficiently discharging her duties. Due to the background, she has in Law and Philosophy, Zuckerberg readily understands different issues that touch employees, and which might lead to misunderstanding between low-level workers and the top management.


Julie became the Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York in 2007 after decamping from Hudson. She was at the forefront of propagating actionable plans and ideas in marketing competitiveness apart from giving valuable advice about various recruitment strategies. She gave the company a competitive edge over the others by introducing new procedures for talent acquisition. One significant role she has consistently played as an international talent recruiter is the global relocation of expatriates, and negotiations of industrial immigration policies, equities, and buyouts. She can secure the best international professionals . This ability to spot talent is mainly due to her innovative application of technological platforms than link experts and organizations from all over the world.


In the year 2017 alone, she has managed to scale up to the position of an executive administrator at Global Functions, a role that has empowered her with clear perspectives and practical know-how about recruitment processes. The company’s productivity levels have risen to a great part due to her myriad skills in management recruitment, talent auditing, and litigation. Shortly, she again moved to New York Life Insurance Company where she brought new strategies for acquiring talent. Presently, Zuckerberg is at Deutsche Bank where her duties include counseling, talent recruitment, and negotiation, but above all these achievements, she is currently a Vice President.



Her tenure at Hudson lasted for five years during which she identified and recruited skilled managers, paralegals, attorneys, and subordinate employees for the company. All the briefing sessions about job details and prospects, mentorship, and guidelines she has presided over have yielded beneficial outcomes to the companies she has had the honor to represent. Besides recruiting personnel, other roles in which she has demonstrated exceptional competence include conflict resolution, counseling, and mentorship. Privately, Julie pursues other interests in technology, arts, athletics, and photography. She is keen about the welfare of animals, human and civil rights, and she is active on all leading social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.