Securus Technologies Makes Evil Better

The philosophy of social entrepreneurship is on the rise. Those who believe in the philosophy of social entrepreneurship believe that businesses are about changing the world just as much as they are about acquiring profits. One business that has proved it is a social entrepreneurship is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a corporation that specializes in working with correctional facilities to keep inmates safe from one another. In the past, inmates would use contraband cell phones to plot attacks against other inmates. Whether it be phone calls, text messages, Facebook, or any other social media, the contraband cell phone was the chosen method that inmates used.


Securus Technologies dealt with this problem through two unique products. The first product was known as Cell Defender. Cell Defender was capable of doing two things. Firstly, it was capable of scanning the correctional facility and finding contraband cell phones. Secondly, once a contraband cell phone was found, it had the capabilities of searching that phone for all messages and deleted messages.


The second product that Securus Technologies used to deal with contraband cell phones was what they called Wireless Containment Solutions. This product allowed them to remotely turn off the wireless internet feature on all cell phones.


While Securus Technologies wanted to decrease inmate crime, they also wanted to help inmates to become better people. In place of contraband cell phones, Securus Technologies gave inmates cell phones with special features.


The first special feature was the capability of video calling their loved ones at home. Inmates were allowed to use these cell phones during normal visitation hours.


The second special feature was the ability to take online courses through the cell phones. This gave inmates improved educational opportunities so that they could land a job when they got back into the real world.