Jorge Moll: Integrating Technology with Medicinal Science

Jorge Moll is the owner of D’Or Hospital Network, which is the most extensive network of hospitals in Brazil. He is seen to innovate the field of medicine by introducing new ideas and concepts, including a five-star hospital called the Star Cup. The five-star hospital is located on the streets of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, and it is likened to a five-star hotel. Jorge Moll conceived the idea of building a luxury hotel after he has noticed that demand for luxury hospital admission is slowly rising from the upper class. The hospital is designed by some of the most well-known Brazilian architects and engineers, and the interior is filled with expensive items which came from different private collections and auctions.


The hospital has a gallery which displays different works of art coming from several countries and painted by some well-known painters. There is also a vast collection of Japanese artistic materials, presented in each room inside the luxury hospital. The facility is also equipped with state of the art transport system for the patients and the employees, and the hospital has the most advanced apparatus used to treat the patients. The hospital sits in a 21,000 area lot, and it is near the famous Brazilian beach of Copacabana. The lobby and the rooms inside the hospital are patterned after five-star hotels, and patients will feel like staying in a luxury hotel rather than in a conventional hospital ( The dreaded smell of the hospital is absent as well, as the luxury hospital is filled with an aroma that came from citrus and other fragrant plants. The food being served at the luxury hospital is also prepared by gourmet chefs. They make sure that the ingredients used are of high quality and the taste will satisfy the patient’s needs.


Jorge Moll is expecting that the idea he introduced through the Star Cup line of luxury hospitals will spread to other Brazilian cities. He is dreaming of creating an empire of luxury hospitals that will give its patients the warm hospitality comparable to those of five-star hotels, complete with services and amenities that will help them recover faster.

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