Business Tips with Joel Friant

Every successful investor has their story. There all captivating stories that leave us with the want of fighting to getting more in our life. Joel Friant is among this legendaries. He has currently taken a deeper interest in cryptocurrencies, and most time, he is seen teaching young people to understand the theory behind cryptocurrencies. He also incorporates the health benefits of his Habanero Shakers in his teachings.

Joel Friant decided to start the Habanero Shaker because of his love of Habanero Chile Pepper. He says that most Habanero Shakers in the market are mixed with cheap ingredients making them lose their meaning. He wanted people to have the experience of the original Habanero Chile Pepper. He also says it is not as hot a people think it is when served in its dry format. His quick to assure the clients that the flavor is not affected.

One of the things that increase Friant’s productivity is his rule of handling his hard issues first. This is when his productivity is high. He explains that beginning with the small tasks will only give you a reason to postpone the difficult tasks.

He brings to life his ides during bicycle rides. It is during the rides that his mind is active and free from interruptions. He stops his bicycle several times to note down the ideas flowing in his mind.

Having a crowded mind makes one less productive. To avoid this, Joel Friant writes down his ideas on a piece of paper. This helps him in ensuring that he empties his mind to give room for new ideas. Writing down the ideas also helps him to avoid struggling not to forget important stuff.

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Why I Choose Walmart and Beneful Dog Food to Give my Pup the Best

Walmart is nothing if not known for its convenience. Walmart has a huge selection of Beneful dog food along with the rest of the items on your grocery list. The Beneful selection is hugely extensive and people who have dogs with specific needs can always find what they are looking for. Whether its specialty dry dog food such as food that is free of Grains, small sized kibbles perfect for puppies, dog food for mature dogs and even Beneful dog food for dogs that are looking to manage their weight, it can all be picked up at Walmart and more information click here.

If your dog likes wet dog food, Beneful also has a wide selection of individual containers of wet dog food in a variety of flavors. Flavors include ones that have meat as the first ingredient, even salmon. There are also variety packs if you want to provide your dog with a sampler pack of wet food and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.


Healthy Powerhouse Sweetgreen and co-CEO Nathaniel Ru

Sweetgreen has become a fast growing sensation in the fast food world. As a high-end salad chain, it revolutionizes the process of eating healthy on a budget. Nathaniel Ru, one of the CEO’ s, said, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something.” Since 2007 when they first opened, Ru and the other CEO’s have managed to build a chain of 40 locations beginning in their college town of Georgetown. They said their reason for opening the original was a lack of healthy options in Georgetown.All three CEO’s attended the University and met while taking an entrepreneurship class. In an interview with Fortune Magazine in 2014, they said they knew they would survive as a business when they managed to make it through the winter break when all the students had gone home for break. Despite their success, the three have opted to forgo the corporate style of other chains and keep themselves close to their stores and customers. They even go as far as to almost completely shut down the corporate office 5 times a year so they can go and be present in stores to interact with customers. In addition to their quality food, they have striven to build a business that sees customers as individuals and provide them with a great experience through well-designed locations and handy tools like their app and website ordering, which account for 30% of their transactions. It’s clear that Sweetgreen really aims to excel in all areas of business. Learn more:



One of the forces behind Sweetgreen has been co-CEO Nathaniel Ru. Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Ru is the son of a first generation immigrant who started his own import/export business. Ru attributes part of his success to his father, saying that watching him work gave him the inspiration for one of Sweetgreen’s core values. Starting the company began with the why, the reason to build this business, once they had that established then they would start worrying about the product. This ethos has helped Ru and the other CEOs build Sweetgreen into an incredible business. Back when Sweetgreen first opened its doors, Ru had just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Today he helps lead one of the fastest growing food chains in the business. He has been personally named to several prestigious lists including the Forbes 30 under 30 and Food and Wine 40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and under. It is clear that Sweetgreen is going to continue to grow and thrive and do great things, in no small part due to great leadership from people like Nathaniel Ru. Learn more: