How Brad Reifler Attained Success In The Financial Industry

During his career in the financial industry, Brad Reifler has founded and led a number of successful companies. He is currently at Forefront Income Trust, a company he founded in New York City in January 2014. At Forefront, he offers regular investors access to alternative investments that typically are only available to accredited investors.

In the early 1980’s, Brad founded Reifler Trading Company. This financial company provided institutional research to investors, served as a global derivative advisory, and offered futures trading. He successfully sold this company in 2000 to Refco, Inc.

He is also the founder of Pali Capital, which started doing business in 1995. At Pali Capital, Brad Reifler focused on trading in the equity markets. Under his leadership as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Pali Capital achieved stunning growth. The company had over 300 employees in offices located on four continents and was bringing in over $1 billion in commissions. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

While he used to take only high net worth individuals as clients, at Forefront Income Trust Brad Reifler is dedicated to helping regular investors attain their investment goals. There are classes of financial assets that only the richest 1% have access to.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler makes these available to everyone else through the funds he has designed. The funds at Forefront Income Trust are not correlated to the stock market so they provide additional diversity to those who purchase them.

Also, Forefront Income Trust, the company doesn’t earn any money until the investor has earned 8%. When someone directly invests in one of the funds, Brad also donated 3% to military families and veterans.

Brad Reifler is a graduate of Bowdoin College which is located in Brunswick, Maine. He has served on a number of corporate and advisory boards during his 35-year career. Among these is serving as a Trustee of Millbrook School in Millbrick, New York. He also served on the school’s finance committee as its chairman.

Jason Hope- A Unique Perspective On Public Health And Safety

Jason Hope, futurist and entrepreneur, has recently shared his ideas about the Internet of Things. Referring to the connections between all devices (not only phones and tablets, but street lights, traffic signals, and other devices central to public safety, as well as more mundane machinery, such as kitchen and household appliances,) the Internet of Things has the potential to increase both safety and efficiency in the world around us. In a world where your car can “talk” to the traffic lights and your toaster can compare notes with the smoke detector, our devices could act as a safety net against otherwise dangerous mistakes.

Born and raised in Arizona and a graduate of Arizona State University, as well as ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason has been applying his predictions and possibilities to more than just the internet. He believes our approach to medicine should focus on prevention as well as treatment (as with his thoughts on the Internet of Things, why solve a problem if you can prevent it entirely?) Jason Hope offers financial support to foundations like SENS Foundation, citing their research on preventing and researching diseases that break down the body, such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

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His website provides information to users who wish to make their own philanthropic donations, but for those who may not have the money, the site is also accepting new ideas.